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Trimming the Fur

Grooming Salon

From The Grooming Centre

Based in Plymouth

Dog being rinsed off after a bath and shaking water off with droplets flying

Is your dog looking its best?

We want your dog to leave our salon happy, healthy and looking fantastic.

That is why we offer a range of services from bathing to nail clipping. Why not book your dog a day in our salon?

We offer first-class grooming to ensure look, feel and smell amazing.

Grooming salon services

We cater for most breeds and understand dogs and their personalities. Each dog is groomed individually and receives our full care and attention.

All grooming is carried out by hand with no cages or cabinet dryers used, so your dog is comfortable and safe throughout.

You can relax knowing that your special friend is in safe and caring hands. We also groom dogs with special requirements.

Dog nails being cut and trimmed during grooming
Dog in bathtub while owner washing

Full range of services available

• Clipping and scissoring

 • Bathing

 • De-matting

 • Nail clipping

 • Anal gland expression

 • Tick removal

Pet products

At The Grooming Centre, we also offer a great range of high-quality products:

Dog groomer's shampoo
Cologne sprays
Brushes and combs

Fleece lined and waterproof coats

Doggy hampers (made to order)

Many more product

Miniature poodle at grooming salon
Dog being washed by owner

Special need dogs

We are experts in grooming dogs with specialist needs and are well known throughout the area with many local vets referring clients to us.

If your dog has specialist problems, we can help with grooming. We are happy to use any medicated shampoos and sprays that your vet has prescribed. Just bring them along for your appointment.

If your dog has medical needs, we work closely with you to ensure that he is monitored closely and receives the highest level of dog care.

You can rest assured that we will look after your beloved friend.

Kelly Leamanygryf

"What an amazing service, friendly and lovely. I would definitely recommend and I will definitely be using them again in future."

Carolynne Elliott

"My shih-tzu loves her and she provides a wonderful service. She is an artist. He goes in looking like a walking carpet and comes out so proud of his cut he wants to show it off."

The Grooming Centre

Your local and professional dog grooming salon in Plymouth.
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99 Victoria road
St Budeaux

01752 366333

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